Thursday, December 28, 2006

Spinning the web

What if you could access all your contacts, all your photographs, all your music, all your videos & all your blogs from one digital dashboard? With multiply, you have now a single-sign-on dashboard for all your digital content.

And perhaps the web needs a third dimension? Perhaps your bookmarks should not be 2 dimensional list of websites but really an art gallery like setting which you walk through where each favorite website of yours hangs from a wall like a painting? Too good to be true? No. Welcome to the world of three dimensional browsing. And that of a three dimensional browser.

In effect, the web is no longer a platform. The web is an experience. The participative model of web 2.0 can be thought of as a byword for an idea which has political roots. While democratic governments represent people & the ramifications of that discussion are myriad & not always reassuring, the web 2.0 experience is the people it connects in ever more enriching ways.

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