Saturday, December 23, 2006

Footnotes this year

What is so endearing about a gregarious magician pulling fast-ones on a humoring crowd by the chesapeake? And is it not nice to be able to climb 600 odd steps barefoot on a burning afternoon in distant Shravanbelagola? What is the best setting to have a scalding thukpa, if not by a frozen Tsongmo lake? What kind of of people sculpted Hampi, Halebeedu & Belur? And what about the Shenandoah river, or a little Harper's Ferry right in the center of many American histories; what have they seen that the Teesta has not?

Have you had a chance lately to sit by the lake in Yelagiri or walk around it? Do you know that the first mammal, Morganucodon watsoni, looked more like a rodent, & that you need more than a week to fully appreciate all that the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC have to offer? Do you know why turtles come to Maravanthe, & what becalms the sea in Murudeshwar?

What does New York tell you about yourself? Why Pondichery, & why the first rays of sun on the Kanchenjunga?


Antara Mukherji said...

2007 looks promising...what say?
lets match our lists.. huh? ;)

S! said...

It has potential, I'll say that.