Sunday, March 13, 2005

The insular

Its about 1730. SA, having tried his luck at mastering fiscal policy earlier in the day, has been sleeping in a grotesque posture for the last forty five minutes. VH is in Madras. MG is doing his weekend supervision of the house he is building. And SC...well, he is, lets say, just away. And I was sitting in the balcony upon a very accomodating bean bag with my cup of Darjeeling second flush looking at times at the falling leaves, listening to a stupid cow making uncivilized noises & generally attending to such matters of national importance when suddenly it occurred to me that I must be such a pucca screwball for wasting such a pretty evening.

Subsequently, it occurred to me that arms are, in a way, a measure of distance & that the itch in my eye is a memory.


Usha said...

Aha. So it is fiscal policy that has been occupying your imagination these days and deprived us of your blogs ! welcome back. The signing off, the flourish, the lingering exit - what a signature!!!

ManojG said...

Looks like I was derprived of the previlige of being the first to emphatically scream - "WECLOME BACK BUDDY!"

Needless to say, our small little blogging community missed thy prolific self for quite a while.

I am all ears for your drifts to unfurl now!

Raunak Singh said...


Souvik said...

Well, thank you.

You guys are too kind, if you know what I mean... :)


Vaish said...

Finally! Welcome back, S!

Souvik said...

Vaish buddy,

Thanks much for your note, though I am not too sure I'll post as often as I'd like to.


Swapnil Deopurkar said...

What do you mean you wont be bloging as often? Are you getting married soon?
Read Indy's last blog entry to understand what I mean.
Its says "Important news!! ....bla blah blah...I got engaged....blah blah"
The guy's not blogged since