Monday, March 28, 2005


It was, in many ways, a typical Goan dinner.

Candles & alcohol on a windy seashore. A confusion of lights on pretty faces. Irregular conversation & flashes of skin. And the Orion, perhaps having mixed drinks, a wee bit tilted and amorous on the horizon.

And though this nothingness was beautiful, it was the next day - having walked about over a kilometer with luggage in the hot afternoon sun, hungry & breathless, the shoulders a bit painful, the throat considerably dry - that produced a warmer memory. As self & A settled down to a well earned beer at "Chances", I recalled how I had dined at that very restaurant almost exactly five years ago - having come to Goa with my circle of friends from post graduation days.

Even that night was windy. And starry. Even then, everybody was drunk.


Raunak Singh said...

Chances to visit "chances" seems to be high for you ;)

Anonymous said...

Extremely nice. Paints a picture. Good 'un bud.

Souvik said...

Ronnie & Anonnie:

umm... no... nothing really... I mean thanks & all that! :)