Friday, December 26, 2003


Its interesting how different words describe & therefore colour otherwise one given state of inertia, event or action. And interesting too is the time and purpose dimension attached while forming our opinions. For example, a state of inaction could be called lethargy or patience, a telling of truth could be honest or tactless. And all of this so circumstantial, that one is constantly bombarded with a myriad of choices & therefore the consistency of our basic persona is violated every once in a way.

And to eliminate this incessant need to flex, we may decide to choose a fixed, well thought out demeanour for our social, personal & professional lives. However, this too in itself is not way out from this quandary. For one, its difficult to be tactful in your professional life & continue to be honest in your personal & social lives. Second, it is demanding at the least to isolate traits of oneself, change just that to a certain degree, & yet retain to a very large extent the pluses that one has. For example, if one chooses to be tactful, he or she sacrifices a certain amount of eloquence or flair at the same time.

So we come back to the struggle to find an equilibrium, to learn to live in our skins.

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