Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The stride

Winding by lanes of 4th T block evenings, strange stares from strangers, two main roads, a nice little park - almost a square -, ghastly statues in the park, couples whispering on the benches, a sometime gang of longtime friends, Carnatic classical meandering through rather conspicuous speakers, children in the play-area, walkers in sneakers & denims.

Running shorts, running shoes, chronograph, warming up, regulated breathing, aerobic running, stupid right-angle turns, slowing down, breathless "excuse me" -s to other 'park'-ers, speeding up.

Wet shirt, something throbbing slowly, painfully by the right knee-cap, glistening skin, heavy breathing.

12 laps, 35 minutes.

Walk back home. Wince on the stair-climb. Swear.

Tracker spreadsheet. Enter values. 390 calories burnt.

Feel your right knee lightly.


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