Monday, October 31, 2005


Maala pherat jug bhaya, phira na man ka pher
Kar ka manka chhod de, man ka manka pher

Question, examine, do not be institutionalized. A slightly bird's eye view of this Kabir doha learnt decades back. And decades later, the same lessons put down in print by a New Yorker. Edward Said & Kabir. Eons apart, aren't they?

Traditions of yore. Continuation for the sake of it. Unconditional acceptance of the has been.

What will you burn this Diwali? What will you illuminate?

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Usha said...

Did not get the full meaning of the doha - wish you had added the translation too for the likes of me.
As for the survival of traditions -I believe that only those have survived which have meant something to the people (like diwali and dussera, which are colourful and offers occasions for the family to bond and to socialise)or which have been too complicated to understand (like birth, marriage and death ceremonies).
Have you noticed that fireworks are getting lesser and lesser each year? In the future,there will be less burnt and more illuminated I am sure.