Monday, July 25, 2005

Law and all that

It seems to me that in a lot of cases we are fine with just being legitimate, & not looking to see if the legality ensured justice. A law is a broad guideline and needs to be put in the context of its application. A guideline cannot possibly engulf the total possibilities of its application and all the nuances of each possibility, & the comparative importance of each such nuance.

To consider an analogy, we can think of the process as solving a definite integral problem. The dependent variable is partly calculated by a predefined functional dependency on the independent variable, but is fully evaluated given its constant of integration - something which depends on the context of the problem. So identical integration problems may yield different results because this constant of integration might differ from one problem domain to another.

Similarly, blind compliance to laws means that we're not putting a legal guideline in perspective, that we're not looking at the history and the whys, that we're just deducing from codified text something which a computer can do cheaper, faster & better.

As we take it easy each day doing our bit & doing it legally, perhaps sometime - Sundays maybe - we should ponder on whether we stopped at being legitimate or actually fostered the case of justice.


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Thanks, buddy. I'm not really much of an HTML person. But I'll do what I can to set things right. Will not change the font size, I'm afraid, but will try and make the other changes you suggested.

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