Tuesday, May 10, 2005


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I generated the Fibonacci series using Python this morning. Just two basic observations:

  • I enjoy writing code, when I am not being paid for it.
  • I haven't improved since first semester; its been seven years since. My basic logical faculties remain rather basic.

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ManojG said...

I am afraid I am violating the syntatical rules put forward by the original post. Anyways, I was exited to notice the glare of a techie post amongst all other shades of thought.

Well, just pitched in to say, I love coding too. Coding is like....

I would not like to mention about my logical abilities here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment. I knew I could count on you.


Anonymous said...

Anyways, if you enjoy coding, I'd highly recommend this book called The Code Book by this sweetheart of a guy called Simon Singh.
Takes you through the history of coding, of the Turning machine...his life...lots of things...basics of coding...blah blah...
It almost reads like a novel and is utterly yummy.
And you need about 1.23 grey cells to understand the book. I seem to, & I'm sure you are better endowed...ofcourse, with grey cells I mean.

Anonymous said...

Anon pal:

I checked the customer reviews for the book you recommended on Amazon. It's a five starer throughout! I do not know if the book is locally available, but if it is, I'll definitely pick it up. Thank you!

If you like reading techie stuff, you should definitely go visit Manoj and his technology blog.

I enjoyed musing on your urge to quantify precisely & your delectable choice of adjectives.

Do keep dropping in.


Anonymous said...

/*Any Number to any Base C Though*/

void any_base
(int num, unsigned int base)
char *p;
char buf[33];

p = &buf[sizeof(buf)-1];


}while(num != 0);


/*How's This for kicks*/