Monday, December 20, 2004


Constricted francophile byways. The barren sea, the sodium winds of its womb, a dilapidated jetty holding on to hope. Walking within. Jaundiced bars of bonhomie - some canopied, some celestial. Apparitions, renegades, saints and the adolescent moon. Long shadows and dark skins.



Swapnil Deopurkar said...

There's something about the eastern sea coast. The sea there. Been to Pondicheri once. Going for the second time in a month, this weekend. Meeting an estate agent this time round.

The Saturnyne said...

WEll now!

And this is a most enjoyable place to read.

It's rare for me to leave a book, let alone a blog, feeling that i am a little wiser...

And for this, i thank you with pleasure.

I found myself here after finding a comment of yours in Onanymous's blog... so being naturally inquisitive...

Pleased to meet you. Best wishes from the cold and wet U.K.