Monday, November 08, 2004



Pinnacle of human magnificence. A million ramifications. Seven notes.

The guitar of picturesque roads. The flutes of sirocco. The drums of Africa, the violins of our sorrow, the piano of our sacraments.

The fish do not understand all this.

And I do not think that they pray.

Or, need to.


Huckleberry Finn said...

Ah, since you say that wasn't just a thinking-aloud that does not call for comments, here goes - the piece is too opaque and open to multiple interpretations. The contrast is not very clear, your intention is not transparent, though the images are beautiful.

That's my observation, old chap. It's also possible that everyone else got it, but me - I don't remember the last time I tested my IQ!

Souvik said...

Just that the notion of God is as much a human creation as music is. I do not want to talk about how dolphins whistle; music by and large is a human thing. The natural world has no need for the kind of security we seek in our prayers, they do not need to believe in a higher power.

All this definitely has been said before.

But I still wanted to emphasize the point that a belief in God is not only unscientific, as is often discussed over heated debates, but is also unnatural. Now this is almost the same thing because science is our understanding of the natural world. However, I was trying to contrast by observation & not so much by logic.

You are absolutely right in saying that the post was opaque. I did realize it myself and changed the title and a bit of the body. However, what is implied is definitely more impactful than what is told. And therefore, I did not want to make the point too obvious. But I failed to get the right balance, like you observed.

Thanks for flattering me with your time & thoughts!