Thursday, October 28, 2004

The drift

And then the night, purple & jelly like, stirred. Do you remember the bats? Do the vultures return?

This world dissolving...limp happy bodies...the resonant strums...the droning calls of Satan...shadows that passed you by...silences that echoed...Pegasus...the stillness.

Do you remember marijuana?


Usha said...

hahah. Reminds me of one hot summer in Kanpur when I was completely dehydrated and everyone was away - was hallucinating a lot!!!

Souvik said...

Lo kar lo baat!

All that Pink Floyd & the best I could do is stir up memories of Kanpur.

Thanks for the gift of your sobriety! :)

Anonymous said...

A week seems to be a long time suddenly.Do you know if marijuana will help??

Huckleberry Finn said...

The giggles, you forgot the giggles, Dopey!!